Anonymous asked:

did Gandalf give you that magic light box?and did you know that kili is going to die?

Kili laughed. ”Is it important as to how we got the magic box? Uncle Thorin has one, too, you know!” His face darkened a bit, but he still kept his smile. ”We all die someday. Don’t worry about it!”

Fili sighed, frowning and putting a hand on his brother’s shoulder. “But hopefully, not any day soon.”

Anonymous asked:

Have you two ever heard of the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"?

Kili tilts his head to the side a bit. ”Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?” He scratches the back of his head. ”I am afraid not, grey face,” he says.

Anonymous asked:

do u know that i love dwarves and hate elves

Kili laughs, somewhat triumphantly. ”Great! Great,” he says, crossing his arms over his chest. ”You know what? I don’t fancy elves, either.” He flashes you a wolfish grin. ”Too thin.”

Anonymous asked:

Is it even possible for your uncle Thorin to crack a joke or even smile? Or is he just not genetically set up for amusement like you two?

Kili frowns and looks over at Fili, who is looking away. Looking back at you, he glances at his uncle Thorin, who is not too far away, messing with some sort of weapon. Kili sighs and smiles up at you. ”He used to smile and laugh with us when we were younger, but I’m afraid that battle has hardened him,” he says, a sort of sad, nostalgic look tinkling in his eyes.

Anonymous asked:

Do you guys know that you have thousands of fans all over the world? :)

Fili regarded the grey face skeptically, then burst into laughter. “Did you hear that, brother? We have fans!” Still laughing, he adjusted himself a bit.

serenaavalincruzzy asked:

If gender doesn't matter do you guys, does like blood relation, like family members matter?

"Of course blood relations matter! We will always care for our kin!" Kili said rather loudly, hitting his fist against his chest roughly, almost angrily. 

Fili, however, was not so quick to react. Giving a wary look to the one who asked the question, he frowned, “I do not think that is quite what they meant, brother.”

sashaboys-deactivated20130815 asked:

You two are so cute!! Which of you is the oldest?

Fili proudly gestured to himself, “I am the elder. I’m 82, and Kili is 77. Though in ‘human years,’ I’m not sure how old we would be…”

[[If you’re actually interested, 82 is the human equivalent of 30 years, and then 77 would be around 28-ish. And by the way, a little bit of this is copied from a previous answer.]]

sakura-kagurazaka asked:

Fili is right, short beards are easier to handle and look grand. I think it's all in the way they're taken care of. Then again, I'm not use to the world of Middle Earth, because friends of mine just shoved me into this.... I have to say you BOTH are my favorites.

Fili appeared puzzled for a moment, and neither of the brothers said anything. Then, a moment later, Fili’s face lit up. “Oh! You don’t mean me, you mean Kili, m’dear. He’s the one with the short beard.” He gave a little chuckle, and Kili joined in.

Fili paused in his chuckling. “Anyway, glad we both please you.”

shield-of-an-oaken-branch asked:

"Just what are the two of you doing?" Thorin asks, looking at the two of them with confusion at the magic box. "And just where did you get this?"

Kili’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment, and he recoiled back a bit, towards Fili. He wasn’t sure what to say. Then, after a few seconds, he chuckled lightly and pointed at Thorin’s magic box. ”Well, where did you get yours?

sakura-kagurazaka asked:

Dear Killi, why do I keep hearing you're 'ugly' by dwarf standards? It it because of the...well, LACK of beard you have? Don't listen to them. You're quite dashing and your smile more than makes up for it.

Smiling, Kili leans forward toward you. A smirk curves his lips. ”They’re just jealous that they can’t keep their beard tamed,” he says, then chuckles and looks back at Fili, who’s frowning. Kili looks over at him. ”I just prefer my beard shorter, is all, and they’re not used to that. Maybe I’ll make short beards popular among dwarves in my later life~”

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